bay view 2


“Defying gravity is a motif that recurs again and again in the house, as Coleman played with the dichotomy of weighty materials that appear to have minimal support.  They include a concrete bench that flows from the front porch into the foyer… and, most dramatically, floating stairs that lead to a new second-floor study – which stretches outside to a cantilevered balcony.”

Luxe Magazine  

view ridge seattle mag


“Coleman’s design presents an understated street-facing facade that fits in well with the surrounding neighborhood, but inside, the home takes a dramatic turn.”

Seattle Magazine – AIA Home of Distinction July 2019  

bear run cabin_gray_border


“The client wanted a modern, sustainable cabin for two that both expresses a strong sense of place and integrates well into the surrounding landscape, so Coleman created building forms that mirror the jagged Cascade peaks and create a simple, elemental presence.”

Gray Magazine – Gray Awards 2017 Winner for Residential Architecture 


Inside Outside House

“With its glass walls, the living wing is like a pavilion.  It has tall ceilings and a roof form that resembles origami… Despite its soaring feel, the communal spaces were invested with elements that bring the scale down.  For example, a suspended ceiling made of sapele wood hangs in the kitchen, where it adds intimacy and warmth.”

Luxe Magazine 

hill house

Hill House

“There’s a pervasive sense of place.  The structure nestles into the landscape and offers 180-degree views of the Methow Valley and distant mountains, and rooms filled with natural light.  Several interior plywood walls are stained to match the color of the nearby aspen grove in autumn.”

Seattle Magazine


Broadmoor Residence

“The interiors were designed with a processional quality, with one room opening to the next.  To blur the line between indoors and outside, almost all of the spaces … wrap around an extensive meadow.”

Luxe Magazine

bear run cabin_2

Bear Run Cabin

“Coleman placed the halves in an architectural ying/yang.  They meet in a rain garden, a place where the water gathers (and there is a lot of it here) and flows toward the Skagit.  The whole of it, sharp angles and elemental shapes, takes its cue from the mountain peaks.”

Pacific Northwest



“At night, the Nuler-Cudahy home glows… AIA contest judges praised how well this house fit into a neighborhood of older ranch-style houses.”

Pacific Northwest



“Once in a long while, a particular-to-place structure appears that’s so in tune with the environment, one could swear it was part of the plan from the very beginning”

Pacific Northwest

queen anne

Queen Anne Residence

“…Throughout, it has interesting little tweaks. A wall angled just so to gain a distant view of Phinney Ridge. Another wall that starts on the home’s exterior then flows indoors, becoming an angled fragment of the top-floor stair wall.”

Pacific Northwest


Buffam Residence

“This pool is part of a spa inspired in part by the Roman baths – called thermae – built 2000 years ago. A logia wraps around the plastered gunnite pool, and a rotunda contains a circular whirlpool tub.”

Vermont Magazine

chin graham

Chin-Graham Residence

“Ribbed-glass doors lighten upper cabinets flanking the sink window, a pass-through to the stairway offers a glimpse of light and space beyond the kitchen, and a few birds eye maple doors and drawers contribute contrasting flecks of color and texture. The resulting mix gives this kitchen a strong, confident design that warrants its glass showcase.”

Dream Kitchens


Persuquia Residence

“The weather can be more than just a conversation topic – it can provide a changing backdrop for a luxurious bathroom. When designing a home in a woodland setting it makes sense to invite the outdoors in.  Architect David Coleman designed the master suite of this home with a connection to the natural environment foremost in mind.”

Pacific Northwest

loney cottage

Loney Cottage

“From inside, air, light, and views are maximized; every room has two or three exposures. From outside, the house seems small and unobtrusive, like an old camp compound that has grown up over time”

Metropolitan Home

meditation pavilion

Meditation Pavilion

“Perfectly placed in its natural setting, one discovers a curative silence. In this place, one feels connected to all the world.”

Mexico Design

madison park

Madison Park Residence

“In designing the Madison Park residence, a vacation retreat for two sisters and their spouses, Architect David Coleman, AIA, drew inspiration from late 19th-century national park lodges and platform tents. The resulting house plays with a “summer camp” theme while connecting the space to the environment through its design and materials.

Architectural Record

town center

Town Center Pavilion

“As a symbol for Seaside, Architect David Coleman decided that the obelisk should embrace all of the communities eclectic styles without referring directly to any of them. It also contrasts opposites… to provoke perceptual shifts and ambiguities that engage both body and mind.”

Architectural Record

zig zag

Zig Zag House

“A bottle green, polycarbonite wall illuminates the entry courtyard at night, and a rectilinear reflecting pool defines the edge of the stair, marking a dynamic procession from street to vestibule.”

Dreamhomes Pacific Northwest


Web Publications

Extensive international web publishing of projects including the Broadmoor Residence, Bear Run Cabin, Nuler-Cudahy Residence, Hill House, Zig Zag House, Meditation Pavilion, and Coleman Beach Pavilion at Seaside, Florida, on web sites including ArchDaily, Design-Milk, Curbed, Contemporist, Mocoloco, House Design Idea, Architecture 4 Us, Archidir, Trend Hunter, Materialicious, Architects List, and DigsDigs, 2007-present.

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By Donald M. Rattner – Multiple Projects

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