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D A V I D C O L E M A N A R C H I T E C T U R E Is known for creating spirited, refined, modern buildings that are timeless, light-filled and evocative of place.

We bring a holistic sensibility to our work, incorporating sustainable, innovative materials and strong, livable visions. Our buildings are highly responsive to the particulars of the land and custom tailored to the needs and aspirations of our clients. Started in Vermont in 1986 and now based in Seattle, Washington, we have designed projects nationwide, from the Pacific Northwest to California, and from New England to New York and Florida. Our work transcends the mundane, inspires the senses and nurtures the soul.


July 2019 – View Ridge Residence Named AIA Seattle Home of Distinction – Seattle Magazine

November 2017 – Bear Run Cabin Wins 1st Place in the 2017 Gray Awards

February 2017 – Inside Outside House Wins 1st Place in the 17th Annual Northwest Design Awards

November 2016 – Hill House Designated AIA Home of Distinction – Seattle Magazine

February 2011 – David Coleman Elevated to AIA College of Fellows- “David Coleman’s work is characterized by an ability to take seemingly ordinary sites and modest programs and transform them into extraordinary spaces that are timeless and evocative of place.” – AIA College of Fellows Brief