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D A V I D C O L E M A N A R C H I T E C T U R E is a small studio of talented architects specializing in modern, custom homes and remodels in Seattle, the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

We believe that well designed buildings and environments contribute to a better life. Our buildings, interiors, furniture and landscapes are designed to instill happiness, connection to the outdoors, and a sense of belonging. We provide our clients with personal service, helping them to manifest their dreams and guiding them through the process of design and construction with confidence and a wealth of expertise and experience.


July 2019 – View Ridge Residence Named AIA Seattle Home of Distinction – Seattle Magazine

November 2017 – Bear Run Cabin Wins 1st Place in the 2017 Gray Awards

February 2017 – Inside Outside House Wins 1st Place in the 17th Annual Northwest Design Awards

November 2016 – Hill House Designated AIA Home of Distinction – Seattle Magazine

February 2011 – David Coleman Elevated to AIA College of Fellows- “David Coleman’s work is characterized by an ability to take seemingly ordinary sites and modest programs and transform them into extraordinary spaces that are timeless and evocative of place.” – AIA College of Fellows Brief